Compulsory Requirements


Effective from 1 September, 2005, under the Pesticide Act 1974 (amended 2004), all pest control operators must possess Pest Control Operator License/ Pesticide Applicator License to carry out activities or engage in the business of applying pesticide to the property of another for hire..

Our Pesticide Applicator/Assistant Pesticide Applicator is highly trained in the safe-handling of pesticides, application usage inclusive of techniques, machinery handling and calibration of pesticides in controlling infestation or create unnecessary contamination to the environment.


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Environment & Safety


In addition to the above,

In compliance with CIDB & OSHA . Stayfresh has taken adequate care in the safety aspects of the employees and customers while carrying out the work

1) Covered with third party liability insurance
2) Notification to customer on works being carried out and the equipment used to ensure voltage are the same and that there are no hidden electrical cables and water pipe
3) All workers are issued with safety helmets, gloves, protective clothing, safety goggles and safety boots
4) Appropriate safety attires are used whenever it is warranted to perform the specific duty
5) Our senior technicians have the CIDB given card with safety training & insurance


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