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    Stayfresh sanitary bin disposal service

    • Hygienic: Powerful bactericide at the base of each sanitary bin unit sterilizes contents while a perfumed vapour prevents unpleasant odours.
    • Convenient: Our fully trained female team sees to the entire process of removal, installation and maintenance of the sanitary bin system.
    • Compact: Each sanitary bin unit fits snugly into the cubicle, and the flap lid has a disposal tray that keeps the contents hidden even when the lid is lifted.
    • Discreet: Your female staff will appreciate the thought you???ve provided to ease their problem. The unit fits discreetly into each cubicle for convenience and ease.
    • Effective: Forget old pedal push and ordinary dustbins, sanitary bin disposes of towels and tampons using the environmentally safe and effective method.
    • Prevent costly plumbing repairs due to blocked pipes.

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    Additional service/product available under stayfresh:

    On Service * / outright purchase item

    Soap Dispenser *
    Toilet Seat Cleaner *
    Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser/ Tissues roll
    Hand Towel Paper Dispenser
    Stainless Steel Bin/washroom equipment
    Multipurpose anti slip mats/vinly matting/entrance mats
    9) General cleaning equipment

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    A Team dedicated anti-termite specialist- Corrective Treatment (Slab Injection)
    - Soil Treatment
    - General Pest Control

    Licensed Pesticide Applicator and Licensed Assistant Pesticide Applicator

    Residual Spraying

    Subterranean termite (white ants)

    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Control will consist of spraying of termiticides which acts as a stomach and contact poison. Upon contact the behavior of termites and all damaging activities are halted immediately after exposure. This will include affecting the nervous systems, resulting in over-stimulation and causing them to experience the cessation of feeding, disorientation, disruption, colony stress and finally, death.

    Initially all wooden structures will be inspected by our well trained technicians and termite affected areas will be treated. Pre-checking will be done in the next routine services.


    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Mainly residual insecticide spraying on all potential breeding areas and harborages with our specially formulated insecticide mixtures

    INFESTATIONS ??? Sewage and drainage systems, food and beverage outlets where food resources are readily available refuse collection areas, etc.


    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Spraying will be carried out in the compound cracks and crevices, skirting boards, refuse collection areas, sewage and drainage systems

    Thermal Fogging


    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Spraying/fogging/misting of all potential breeding grounds and harborages for the immediate extermination/ eradication of adult flies and mosquitoes will be sprayed or oiled respectively. For more effective treatment, larva citing would be carried out before fogging

    INFESTATIONS ??? Open and covered drains, refuse collection areas and other potential harborages.

    ULV Misting


    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray to certain flying insect using misting (water/Aerosol base) machine to provide the highest level of insect control coupled with the maximum operator convenience and comfort possible. At least 90% of the droplets produced are below 20 micron in size, optimum size range for all chemical recommended for the control of flying insects. By increasing the chemical flow rate larger droplets can be produced for leaving an insecticide deposit on walls.

    Rodents Control

    MODE OF CONTROL ??? Rodenticide anti-coagulating baiting baiting a strategic position i.e Along rats runaways. However, whenever necessary, traps and glue boards will be deployed. Baiting stations will be rechecked and replenished. Trapped or dead rats found will be removed and affected areas disinfected/deodorized.

    Anti Termite Corrective Treatment (slab injection)

    Bore injection holes at 40-60 cm apart. Inject the solution using a soil injector. The objective of this treatment is to termite-proof a building against subterranean termite infestation by creating a termiticidal barrier around the perimeter of the building, ground beams and columns by drilling using a heavy duty ???rotary hammer??? drill type.

    Anti Termite Chemical Soil Treatment

    To spray the solution on soil surface before installing floor slab/concrete by usage of motor pressure pump with a hand sprayer gun for uniform distribution of the chemical and to drench the soil border around the ground-beams and columns and surface of apron area


    Pesticide used is in accordance with the recommendation of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia and approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia.


    Stayfresh Hygiene Services (MA 0021146-W)
    Stayfresh Hygiene Services Sdn Bhd (A 466430)
    Stayfresh Pest Control Services Sdn Bhd (Co No 471007-K)

    Melaka Office
    No 666C & 666C/1, Jalan Bukit Melaka ??, Taman Bukit Melaka, 75450 Bukit Beruang, Melaka, West Malaysia, Malaysia

    JB Office
    No.33-01 Jalan Austin Height 3, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor

    KL/PJ Office
    No. 46-1 Jalan Puteri Mahkota 7/6B, Putra Heights, 47601 Selangor

    +606-2314528, +6019-6268304, +6012-6285952 (Melaka Office) +606-2315998 (Melaka Fax)
    +607-3597100, +6019-7737315 (JB Office) +607-3597100 (JB Fax)
    +6010-2255643 (KL/PJ Office)

    Email us at :info@stayfresh.com.my


    Stayfresh Hygiene Services is registered with

    - Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (357-00046105)
    - Tenaga Nasional Berhad
    (V 002476)
    - Telekom Malaysia Berhad
    - Multimedia University
    - Sirim Berhad
    (S 0006)

    Stayfresh Pest Control Services Sdn Bhd is registered with

    - Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia (357-00047509)
    - Tenaga Nasional Berhad
    (V 003653)
    - CIDB Malaysia
    - Pest Control Association of Malaysia
    - Sirim Berhad
    (S 0005)


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